16.05.2013 12:40-13:00

EIC 2013 Beer Garden Talks

IAM as a service, is this possible?

The outsourcing hype after the turn of the millennium has not met the expectations. Terms such as “Cloud” and “as a service” are now on the verge to become the outsourcing version 2.0 but on a technologically more advanced base. Today basically almost every IT component can be operated virtually in any data center or may be obtained as a service; this includes IAM as well! Challenging are economic and legal issues, where the economic problem can be solved easily. Many companies have burnt millions of Dollars in projects but have failed miserably.

A partner who can offer IAM at a specific price, is able to solve automation problems and can help to fulfill compliance requirements through standardized solution modules.

IPG designs and implements IAMaaS solutions and operates centralized or decentralized infrastructures. With quality services IPG creates sustainable customer satisfaction and implements solutions by common best practice approaches, based on advanced technologies.

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