15.05.2013 12:20-12:40

EIC 2013 Beer Garden Talks

IT stays in Control � Include Cloud Apps into the Organization�s Access Management strategy

Many corporate users want to use SaaS applications to increase business agility. If the corporation does not provide an easy way for users to obtain accounts for the SaaS applications, several problems can occur:

– Users bypass the IT department and create their own accounts in the SaaS application.
– Users must wait for the IT department to create accounts in the SaaS application. It is a manual process whether the IT department creates the account or the user creates the account.
– Users must remember separate passwords for each SaaS application, and often use their corporate credentials.
– Administrators receive no compliance reports of user activity in the SaaS application.

Join us to learn about a simple, secure solution to the problems presented with using SaaS applications and discuss the challenges your IT department faces when utilizing SaaS applications.

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