16.05.2013 10:30-11:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


The API Economy�Understanding the API Ecosystem

In theis session, the API Ecosystem is explained, different vendors and customers providing for the ecosystem and using the ecosystem participate in explaining their views.

Identity Minting Architecture for the API Economy

What does it take to make an API economy real? Well the first thing you need is to set up a mint. Using OAuth and OpenID Connect together, the API economy can serve both web and mobile masters, providing the right level of identity validation for varied API uses, with a minimal level of training and understanding needed for either API resource server operators or client developers. Pamela Dingle will run through a working system, talking not just about the standards but about the rest of the work necessary to stand up a token architecture that can enable developers, resource owners, web application owners and IT to interact securely and smoothly

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