08.05.2007 12:00-13:00

1st European Identity Conference
Combined Session


<a Tim Cole, Kuppinger Cole + Partner

You can?t take it with you: Portable Identity and Social Networks

The Panel explores the (unanswered) question of portability for reputations and other personal data in the age of Web 2.0. As online communities proliferate, individuals create potentially valuable networks in multiple systems such as LinkedIn, Xing, or FaceBook, as well as on e-commerce websites like eBay or Amazon. However, none of these networks are interconnected. Why can’t I use my eBay rating to get a bank loan? What happens when I graduate from college and want to switch from a student community to a business network? Do we need an “identity exchange format”? Will the operators of the community systems give their competitors access to reputaion data? The discussion about these issues is just beginning.

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