16.05.2013 10:30-11:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


Creating Tomorrow�s IAM Policy Management

A consortium of 16 established European industrials, SMEs and academic partners has formed PREDYKOT, a 16 million euro project to create tomorrow´s IAM policy management technology. They will help you make the right choice today to anticipate tomorrow´s IAM innovations. PREDYKOT answers first and foremost the following business challenges:

  1. How to ensure that a security policy is efficient and remains so over time
  2. How to employ your access policy as a tool for improving operational processes
  3. How to introduce intelligence into policy administration, reconciling it with real-world usage

Implementing IAM for Best-of-Breed Applications Portfolio, a Case-Study from IFRC

Identity Management is not a new term in IT. During recent years, dependency on Information Systems has grown beyond applications just used for corporate processing by introducing collaboration services for business partners, customers and portals for any interested individuals. Thus increased responsibilities of IT Support teams. This becomes particularly challenging in Non-profit sector because IT is not part of core business or direct benefits to the business is limited. Implementation of Identity Management solution bring numerous advantages from reducing overheads in maintaining identities to self-service functionality to end users optimising on waiting time. This session focuses experience in planning and deploying Identity Management solution in an International Non-Profit organisation.

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