16.05.2013 14:00-15:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


The Future of Authentication and Authorization

Clearly, there is a trend towards approaches for strong, simple, and flexible authentication, beyond passwords. However, just talking about multi-factor authentication and password vaults is not sufficient. What organizations should evaluate are versatile authentication and, as the next and logical step, context- and risk-based authentication and authorization. That is the real trend. It is about understanding the bigger picture. Look at this to understand the future of authentication and authorization, not at a point approach.

Is it Time to say Goodbye to Old-School Authentication Delivery Models?

Strong authentication is becoming more ubiquitous, more commoditized and more heavily consumed within the enterprise and of course beyond. This session will discuss the inter-connection between these trends, the cloud-social-mobile computing troika and the way strong authentication is delivered. Is the   commoditization and consumerization of authentication driving the adoption of  cloud-based authentication services, or is authentication as a service a natural outcome of increased cloud adoption? How will cloud-based authentication delivery models affect enterprise security strategies and impact on service provider business models. Lastly, what does the ultimate cloud-based authentication service offer and what are the capabilities that will trigger wide-scale adoption?

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