16.05.2013 11:30-12:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


IAM and IAG – Building the Organizational Framework. A VWFS Best Practice

In this joint session, Marek Bingel, lead of the AIM organization (Access and Identity Management) at VWFS AG (Volkswagen Financial Services), Martin Sandren, Head of Identity & Access Management at Blue Cross Blue Shield MA, and Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will elaborate how to achieve, measure, and improve maturity in IAM (Identity and Access Management) and IAG (Identity and Access Governance Programs). The session is split into three parts, the first and second one being best practice examples from VWFS AG and from Blue Cross, based on their experience in the internal AIM program. These best practice sessions are complemented by a presentation in which Martin Kuppinger explains approaches on how to measure maturity of IAM/IAG programs, how to identify gaps, how to prioritize actions, and how to define a future state. Why and how to perform such reviews and which results can be delivered will be part of the presentation Martin Kuppinger will give.

VWFS AG in the past two years has undergone a massive transformation and change management program in AIM. In contrast to many other organizations, this program has had full support of the business organization and was, from the very beginning, not only a technical initiative but a combination of organizational and technical activities. Extensive work on guidelines, processes, and organization built the ground for successful implementation of AIM in a global organization. But even then, reviewing the state is mandatory. And even in successful implementations, there are some open challenges, especially in a still relatively young initiative such as the one of VWFS AG. Marek Bingel thus will not only talk about how they achieved the state of today but also talk about the plans and actions VWFS AG will take for further improvement and for transition of a project into a sustainable part of the business organization.

Maturing your IAM to a Business Service

Martin Sandren will talk about the step from technical IAM to a Business Service. Maturity requires the business to understand IAM and to use it as a valuable business service. This includes onboarding of applications to the service. Martin Sandren will talk about the key success factors in moving towards a business service, a pattern-based approach for onboarding of applications to that service, and about the continuous work on service improvement. He also will show an approach on how to measure success of such a business service and how to use that information for further improvement of the service maturity.

Assessing IAM/IAG programs – Step Back to Reach the Next Level

Martin Kuppinger finally will focus on approaches for assessing IAM/IAG programs. His presentation will look at maturity levels, gap identification etc. He will show actionable tools which allow to asses an IAM/IAG program and provide his view why it is highly important to step back from time to time.

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