16.05.2013 10:30-11:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


Big Data – the Need, the Opportunities

Big Data provides many opportunities to solve emerging business challenges and Big Data technologies can create business value. While there are real concerns regarding privacy; many areas of Big Data, like Big Data in Security, Big Data in the context of Smart Infrastructures, or Big Data in the context of the IoPTS (Internet of People, Things, Services) are not or not primarily about identifying customers but about other business challenges. This presentation will discuss the potential of Big Data beyond the privacy concerns.

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Big Data done right: Smart Data. Why the API Economy and Life Management Platforms will drive Big Data to the next Level.

Big Data is not mainly about building large data stores and adding complex analytics. Big Data is about a more intelligent use of data from various sources. In times where people are increasingly sensitive and reluctant regarding the use and abuse of their personal data, new concepts like Life Management Platforms will give the individuals better control about their data. On the other hand, the rise of the API Economy and increased abilities to access information from billions of devices and other sources opens the door to new opportunities. Thus it is time to think about Smart Data and move beyond Big Data: How to make smart use of other sources without collecting all data? This presentation will explain how Smart Data expands the concept of Big Data and allows for better results and smarter spending.

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