15.05.2013 14:00-15:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


The Future of IAM: Do not kill IAM, improve and extend it!

IAM has to change. It has to support more and other users than ever. It has to support internal and external (Cloud) services. It has to support logins from social networks and the transition of these users to “regular” users once they become real customers. It has to support the move from traditional, system-centric and static approaches of identity and access management to flexible, distributed, and dynamic approaches.

However, instead of following a recent proposal made in public by a renowned Identity Expert, it is not about killing your IAM. It is about “embrace and extend”, it is about leveraging your investments and moving forward towards an IAM that supports both your traditional on-premise infrastructure and the new IT ecosystem. It is about a sustainable approach of moving forward to a future-proof IAM for both traditional and cloud-based IT ecosystems.

Martin Kuppinger will outline the major challenges and changes in this session and he will show how the Future IAM could and should look like. He also will propose steps for moving forward from your existing environment towards the future IAM, without killing what you have and without ignoring the need to support all your “legacy” IT systems and underlying infrastructure.

Extending your existing IAM to the Cloud: Leverage your Investments

There are many ways to extend your existing IAM to the Cloud: Migrate to a cloud-based deployment model. Support simple sign-on to cloud services and provisioning of users for these services based on your existing on-premise environment. Complement the solution with new tools and features for the cloud. Add cloud-based strong authentication. And many more… But clearly there is neither the holy grail of cloud support for IAM nor the one and only approach of deploying IAM. In this panel, industry experts and vendors will discuss different options for supporting the cloud and the new challenges from mobile and social computing with IAM solutions. They will talk about different models for doing that, giving and overview and rating of the multitude of options available today.

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