15.05.2013 15:00-16:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
Combined Session


Access Intelligence: The New Standard Feature of Access Governance?

Access Intelligence is a hot new topic within the discipline of Access Governance. But what is this really about? Is it just better reporting? Or is it about applying advanced Data Warehouse capabilities to analyze existing access rights, the use of them, the access risks etc.? Should it be built based on standard BI tools or should it become more tightly integrated? What is the real benefit compared to standard reporting of Access Governance tools? These are questions customers are raising – and these will be answered within this session.


Risk-based Access Management @Swiss Re

The objective of the Enhanced Access Management @Swiss Re is to improve and simplify access management. Shifting Swiss Re’s access rights philosophy from the “need-to-know”, where only the information one needs to know is accessible, to the “need-to-protect” approach, a risk-based focus on protection of critical information. Strong business support and rule-based automation enabled this change.


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