14.05.2013 17:10-17:30

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

The Day After Tomorrow – Security Challenges of the Future

This keynote will discuss the following important questions every CISO and CIO should be considering:

  • How will the Security challenges look like after the wave of Mobility, Social Media and Cloud Computing?
  • What can be done today while implementing Mobility, Social Media and Cloud Computing in order to deal smartly with the future challenges?
  • What are today’s smart investments that will bring the right impact in the future?

Everybody is talking about Cloud, Social Media and Mobility, they are offering new business opportunities and new ways of doing business.
Before rushing into investments that seem right in the short term, it is essential to understand what are the next challenges, and how will the digital business world will look like after the wave of Mobility, Social Media and Cloud Computing. By understanding future challenges, smart investments can be done now, that will be beneficial in the short but also in the long term.

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