14.05.2013 14:00-14:25

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

IAM, IoPTS, Big Data, API Economy, Cyber Attacks,… – Top Trends and how they Influence Business and IT

In his opening keynote, Martin Kuppinger will but his emphasis on how most of the emerging trends in IT relate. He will look at the relationship of IAM, IoPTS (Internet of People, Things, Services), Big Data, The API Economy, Cyber Attacks (Crime, War,…), traditional Information Security, Life Management Platforms, Privacy, Cloud and Virtualization Security, SIEM, and some more topics. He will draw the big picture which shows how all these topics are tightly related to each other.

Beyond that, Martin Kuppinger will also have a quick look at the top trends for the next years, the market evolution KuppingerCole expects, and he will introduce an updated version of the Future IT Paradigm by KuppingerCole plus the “KuppingerCole Big Picture for IT Infrastructure”.


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