19.04.2012 14:00-15:00

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
Combined Session


Beyond the Pioneer Approaches – The next Level in Access Governance and Risk

Access Governance right now is a well-established technology, playing a central role in many Identity and Access Management environments. But despite to its increased use, it is still an emerging market, with a lot of innovation. There are five major trends in the market:

  • adding provisioning technology or improving interfaces to provisioning systems and Enterprise Service Bus systems for connectivity to target systems
  • improved analytical capabilities, using advanced business intelligence technology to go beyond traditional and limited reporting
  • real-time capabilities allowing to not only to scheduled re-certifications but also to analyze real-time access
  • cloud features
  • business focus, valuating risks and mapping access issues to business controls for quick and focused answers to the questions of the business people

In this session, Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus of KuppingerCole first will give a quick overview of the trends in the Access Governance market, leading to real-time, cloud-ready Access Governance and Intelligence. Following to Sachar´s introduction there will be a panel discussion between Access Governance vendors and technology users.

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