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Manage customer and partner interactions to increase revenue and enhance customers’ experiences in today’s extended enterprise.
GlobalSign offers easy-to deploy Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for the extended enterprise, enabling new e-services and secure interactions, onsite or in the cloud. Organizations can cut customer care costs by automating identity processes, improve convenience with verified social identities and provide strong, multi-factor authentication for business critical transactions. Implementing identity and access management controls make it easy to build and scale self-service portals and also enable tiered delegated administration of external identities. Systems can be quickly implemented using “out of the box” best practices based on typical use cases, and then configured as needed for comprehensive on-premise or in the cloud implementations.

Wide range of Identity and Access Management Solutions

  • GlobalSign Customer ID: Cost efficient customer user management 
  • GlobalSign Single Sign On (SSO): Single sign on access control
  • GlobalSign Trust: Federated access solutions

Rapid IAM Deployments and Configurations with GlobalSign IAM-Easy

Easy is a pre-configured IAM solution, where we will deliver you an IAM solution that matches 95% – 100% of your needs in a fixed time and project cost. This option gives you a risk free option when you need an IAM solution for your online services. After the first delivery, you can continue to modify the IAM installation and configuration, and you have all of our options and integration products available. GlobalSign IAM-Easy™ can be delivered as an on-premise installation or through the cloud.

Congress: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 05.05. – 08.05.2015 , Munich, Germany
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT.
Webinar: External IRAM & Your CRM – A Winning Combination 21.04.2015 , 4:00pm CET, 10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT
When a service provider decides to implement an Identity Relationship and Access Management (IRAM) solution for their external users, how can the service provider ensure that the deployment will be quick and painless? When a service provider adopts a bimodal approach with their IRAM solution, they can have quick wins when deploying solutions requiring minimal or zero configuration efforts. Whereas IAM projects have a reputation of being complex and time-consuming, and prone to budget overruns.
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