T-Systems International GmbH     T-Systems International GmbH
Hahnstra�e 43d • 60528 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 69 66 53 10
E-Mail: info@t-systems.com
Internet: http://www.t-systems.com

We shape the networked future of business and society and create value for customers, employees and investors thanks to innovative ICT solutions.

T-Systems is Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm. Using a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. With offices in over 20 countries and global delivery capabilities, T-Systems serves companies in all industries – from the automotive industry to telecommunications, the financial sector, retail, services, media, energy and the manufacturing industry all the way to government agencies and the healthcare sector. Approximately 45,300 employees worldwide use their industry expertise and ICT know-how to provide top-quality service. T-Systems generated revenue of around EUR 8.8 billion in the 2009 financial year.

Innovation through dialog
As a driver of innovation within the Deutsche Telekom Group, T-Systems provides ICT solutions for connecting business and society. Innovations in relevant areas such as education, health, environmental protection, mobility and security are increasingly arising out of dialog with experts and opinion makers among our customers and from other social groups.

A service created at BMW that is able to automatically detect a car’s servicing requirements is one such example. The car sends a short message to inform the garage. The customer advisor at the garage then contacts the driver in order to make all other necessary arrangements. The underlying technology comes from T-Systems. Traffic control systems in some large cities also use T-Systems technology: In Stuttgart, for example, a Group solution controls traffic flow, helping to prevent traffic jams and improve road use.

With integrated solutions, networks and services for national, regional and local government, T-Systems assists administrative bodies, security authorities and educational facilities in the optimization of processes, the reduction of costs and the provision of faster, improved services for citizens.
The healthcare sector, comprising clinics and health insurance providers, also relies on the industry expertise of T-Systems: For example, one solution enables heart patients to transmit weight and blood pressure data to their doctor on a daily basis. In this way, doctors can identify critical changes in chronically-ill patients still at home and make all necessary arrangements immediately on a remote basis. As such, patients can remain more often within their own four walls while continuing to benefit from medical checks. 

World number one in tailored SAP solutions
The service provider offers information and communication technology from a single production source, guaranteeing a high level of quality for complex ICT projects, especially major outsourcing contracts. For example, T-Systems has concluded a five-year contract with petroleum group Royal Dutch Shell for the provision of worldwide data-center and storage services. As part of IT outsourcing for UK energy provider Centrica, T-Systems manages the company’s IT infrastructure and over 23,000 workstation computers in the UK. T-Systems has also been operating worldwide data centers and networks for MAN since mid 2009. The company offers its customers brand new operating models allowing them to use software applications such as SAP via the network in accordance with their requirements. Today, when it comes to supplying customers with dynamically scalable SAP services, T-Systems is the number one worldwide.

Congress: European Identity Conference 2010 04.05. – 07.05.2010 , Munich
With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe. Information
Congress: CLOUD 2010 04.05. – 07.05.2010 , Munich
Kuppinger Cole are proud to announce the Cloud Computing Flagship Event for Europe: CLOUD 2010. Making Cloud Computing work for your enterprise, how to prepare for it and what the risks involved with a cloud strategy are – Join us in Munich for an exciting event beyond the hype. Information
Congress: Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit 04.05. – 07.05.2010 , M�nchen
Die Sicherung der IT-Infrastrukturen und Anwendungen, der Datenschutz und die Einhaltung von Richtlinien und Vorschriften ist f�r jedes Unternehmen unverzichtbar, unabh�ngig von dessen Gr��e. Die Methoden und Herangehensweisen an das Thema der Informationssicherheit k�nnen sich jedoch erheblich unterscheiden. Der Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit, der zeit- und ortsgleich mit Europas Leitveranstaltung zum Thema Identity Management, der European Identity Conference (EIC) stattfindet, bietet Ihnen die M�glichkeit, den f�r Ihr Unternehmen optimalen Weg zu einem sinnvollen Mehr an IT-Security zu finden. Information
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