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Since 1982, Fischer International has enjoyed a solid tenure and built a strong reputation as a leader and innovator in security technology. Our 400+ legacy customers are a testament to the quality of our work and the results we achieve. By combining a deep understanding of customer’s business challenges with technology that can adapt to continuous change, we help companies secure corporate assets that are integral to moving business forward while making people more efficient at accessing, sharing and using resources across the enterprise. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Fischer’s identity management solutions enable companies to safeguard their business today and drive growth tomorrow.

Congress: Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit 04.05. – 07.05.2010 , M�nchen
Die Sicherung der IT-Infrastrukturen und Anwendungen, der Datenschutz und die Einhaltung von Richtlinien und Vorschriften ist f�r jedes Unternehmen unverzichtbar, unabh�ngig von dessen Gr��e. Die Methoden und Herangehensweisen an das Thema der Informationssicherheit k�nnen sich jedoch erheblich unterscheiden. Der Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit, der zeit- und ortsgleich mit Europas Leitveranstaltung zum Thema Identity Management, der European Identity Conference (EIC) stattfindet, bietet Ihnen die M�glichkeit, den f�r Ihr Unternehmen optimalen Weg zu einem sinnvollen Mehr an IT-Security zu finden. Information
Congress: European Identity Conference 2010 04.05. – 07.05.2010 , Munich
With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe. Information
Congress: CLOUD 2010 04.05. – 07.05.2010 , Munich
Kuppinger Cole are proud to announce the Cloud Computing Flagship Event for Europe: CLOUD 2010. Making Cloud Computing work for your enterprise, how to prepare for it and what the risks involved with a cloud strategy are – Join us in Munich for an exciting event beyond the hype. Information
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