RM5 Software Oy     RM5 Software Oy
H�meentie 135A • 00560 Helsinki
Phone: +358 207 432 879
E-Mail: info@rm5software.com
Internet: http://www.rm5software.com

RM5 Software is a software company specialized to Entitlement Management.

RM5 IdM software offers a business centric solution to centralized Entitlement Management. RM5 IdM is an innovative software product for centralized management of business relations, service authorization rules, applications and network resources of Business Service Providers, Service Customers and 3rd parties organizations. RM5 IdM enables the administration of internal and external users´ Entitlements for internal and external systems and services.

RM5 IdM also enables the automation of entitlement processes and provides business-centric services for managing the lifecycle of entitlements. RM5 IdM contains powerful policy modeling capabilities, comprehensive administration processes and it supports the delivery of services based on real customer needs.

RM5 IdM´s hybrid deployment makes possible to obtain it as a service from commercial providers or be taken in use as a standard information system delivery.  RM5 IdM is ideal for customers looking for the SaaS solution and is especially strong when managing external users.

RM5 IdM is a business-centric SaaS product which also allows to start or expand MSP IdM business by offering centralized Entitlement Management as a Service.

RM5 IdM offers:

• Easy-to use business-friendly service administration user interface
• One unified  application for all administration
• Centralized identity and Entitlement repository
• Business-centric out-of-the box entitlement modeling capabilities
• Entitlement request and approval workflow
• Entitlement enforcement processes
• Service administration processes
• Reporting and Auditing for current and historical GRC processes
• Delegated administration processes
• Extended role-based access control
• Dynamic, Provisioned and E-mail based entitlement data sharing
• On-demand and scheduled Auditing for GRC 

RM5 IdM meets and exceeds business needs:

• Proven concept for modelling many-to-many business relations
• Multi-dimensional model that supports any changes in business or entitlement rules
• Multiple factors that enable dynamic and flexible control of authorization validity
• Multi-representation and context-based authorization
• Rich multi-tenant data model
• Out-of-the box entitlement management service
• Unified management of internal and external users
• Authorization for internal and external services
• Shared entitlement management service for corporate / industry units
• Delegated administration for self-service maintenance (both internal and external organizations)
• Power of Attorney & DAC access control

RM5 IdM identity repository can integrate with and serve 3rd party solutions:

• Authentication
• Access management
• Federation
• Network Admission Control
• Virtual Directories
• Enterprise Integration Applications
• Complement other IdM products

RM5 IdM ready-to-run functionalities enables rapid set-up of scalable Entitlement Management solution to implement organizations´ business models and processes.

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