TESIS SYSware Software Entwicklung GmbH     TESIS SYSware Software Entwicklung GmbH
Baierbrunner Str. 15 • 81379 München
Phone: +49 89 74 73 77 0
Fax: +49 89 74 73 77 99
E-Mail: sysware@tesis.de
Internet: http://www.tesis-sysware.de/

TESIS SYSware is a systems house headquartered in Munich.

For 15 years we have been implementing farsighted IT projects and have been selling solutions in the field of automation and securing business processes. In addition to our core business, we also provide IT consulting as well as professional system maintenance.

Benefit from our know-how in the following business areas:

  • Tried and tested products and innovative solutions for secure login and credential management
    • TESIS|ASPR: Automatized and secure password reset
    • TESIS|VITan: Simple and secure authentication of callers (e.g. at the helpdesk)
    • TESIS|DIVA: Delegated administration of rights on data servers
    • TESIS|ActiveVault: Active password management for high security demands
  • Consulting on security issues and identity management
  • Enterprise software development ranging from the concept stage to the actual application, from Windows or Unix to mainframe
  • Professional and certified application service and support

Get more information at http://www.tesis-sysware.de/ 

Congress: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 05.05. – 08.05.2015 , Munich, Germany
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT.
Vendor Report: TESIS SYSware04.12.2009Martin Kuppinger €95.00
TESIS SYSware, part of the TESIS group, is a private company located in Munich. The group consists of three divisions that are involved in a variety of IT fields. TESIS SYSware’s (hereafter referred to as TESIS) core business is in IT security and identity management. They are a provider of standardized software for these markets. The company’s focus is on password, privileged account and access management solutions for Windows file servers. As a specialized provider in the IAM market, TESIS is not well known. However, TESIS has powerful products and, for a company of its size, has a wide range of partnerships in every field. Moreover, TESIS has a long history to draw upon. That is why we recommend including TESIS in the evaluation, especially as a provider for the fields mentioned above: access management for Windows file servers, password reset and privileged account management.

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