Identity Management & GRC Conference Istanbul

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Identity & Access Management Information Security Provisioning Roles Management Identity Federation Single Sign-on (SSO) Strong Authentication Technology Trends 

Featured Speakers

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John Aisien
Vice President, Oracle
André Durand
CEO, Ping Identity
Dave Kearns
Network World
Martin Kuppinger
Kuppinger Cole

The Future of Information Security: Identity Managment & GRC

architectureen50Managing digital identities and their access to your systems and information – wether they are your workforce, (online) customers, partners or suppliers – this is the core focus of identity and access management (IAM).
Traditional information security initiatives have focused on “keeping the bad guys out” through implementing firewalls and other network security devices, protecting the “inside” from the “outside”. But what about the “bad guys” inside and the “good guys” outside? Traditional information security has missed to reflect the ever increasing need for more agility your enterprise requires to act in quickly changing market places and to respond to increasing compliance requirements.

Identity and access management is now becoming a cornerstone for a holistic information security framework, building the fundaments to manage risk, compliance and enterprise governance (GRC) on an integrated platform.

ID-Conf Istanbul 2009 will lead you through the process of

  • defining the business case of IAM and GRC
  • implementing the right processes
  • carefully chosing the best possible technologies and products
  • integrating all your security initiatives into a holistic and well-governed IAM & GRC framework

Some of the Key Topics of ID-Conf Istanbul 2009 include:

  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC)
  • A Holistic Framework for Enterprise Security
  • Provisioning and Roles Management
  • Business-Driven Identity & Enterprise Information Management
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Identity Management
  • Identity Federation, Single Sign-on (SSO) & Strong Authentication Technologies
  • CardSpace & OpenID: understanding user centric identity management
  • eGovernment Best Practices and Trends in Europe
  • Collaboration, Unified Communications & Identities

Who should attend

  • CISOs, CSOs and their teams
  • CIOs and other IT executives
  • VPs, directors and managers of information security
  • Network security executives and directors
  • IT/IS directors and managers
  • Enterprise architects and planners
  • E-commerce executives
  • Finance executives and risk managers

Pre-Conference Briefing: 7 Steps to a Successful Identity Management & GRC Implementation

Identity Management is establishing as a cornerstone of information security and is is laying the foundations of GRC. This intensive pre-conference briefing will lead you through a 7 steps implementation roadmap turning governance, risk management and compliance needs into a real business value.

  • Identity Management & GRC Business Drivers and Benefits
  • Key Elements of an Identity Management & GRC Roadmap
  • Evaluating the Maturity of your current IAM & GRC implementation
  • Technologies, Trends, Standards
  • Market Overview

Martin Kuppinger

Martin Kuppinger
Co-Founder, Kuppinger Cole

ID-Conf Istanbul provides an unbiased source of new insights and ideas on a broad scale from business-oriented briefings to hands-on like workshop sessions, with a great number of best practices presentations from real world deployments. With its community-like social networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, ID-Conf Istanbul is a must-attend event.

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