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Phone: +49 (2241) 255 43 0
Fax: +49 (2241) 255 43 29
E-Mail: info@softscheck.com
Internet: http://www.softscheck.com/

softScheck increases software security level of our customers and prevents thereby all (!) attacks against IT Systems. Therefore softScheck provides the tool-supported Security Testing Process.

softScheck successfully performs the Security Testing Process and empirically identifies all (!) vulnerabilities – especially all Zero-Day vulnerabilities. The checked and security tested software is really secure (no successful attack at all possible) using these 4 systematic Tool-supported Methods appropriate to ISO 27034:

  1. Threat Modeling: examination of the security-architecture and data-flows
  2. Static Source Code Analysis: semantic and syntactic inspection of the source code
  3. Penetration Testing: testing systems using simulated attacks to identify known vulnerabilities
  4. Dynamic Analysis – Fuzzing: Testing executables and compiled (binary) files – no source code required

By the use of these 4 tool-supported methods the security quality of software is significantly increased, the time to market reduced and an increased ROSI (Return on Security Investment) achieved.

Congress: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 13.05. – 16.05.2014 , Munich, Germany
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014 is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT.
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