Ergon Informatik AG     Ergon Informatik AG
Merkurstrasse 43 • 8032 Zurich
Phone: +41 44 268 89 00
E-Mail: info@ergon.ch
Internet: https://www.airlock.com/de/home/

Founded in 1984, Ergon Informatik AG is a leading developer of bespoke software solutions and products. The cornerstone of our success: 220 highly qualified IT specialists committed to creating value for the client, anticipating technological trends and designing solutions that generate competitive advantage.

Besides the software project business, Ergon is well-known for their application security products. The Airlock Suite deals with web access management in one complete solution – setting standards for usability and services.

Airlock WAF, a world-class web application firewall, combined with Airlock Login or IAM for upstream authentication and authorization guarantee secure access to applications and data. Airlock was launched in 2002 and is now used by 300 customers around the globe.

Congress: European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 05.05. – 08.05.2015 , Munich, Germany
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 is the place where identity management, cloud, and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation-driven IT.
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