Protect your assets, people, things, and services. Enable the digital transformation of your business by mitigating security risks.

Your business is changing. The IoT, mobile users, tight interaction with customers, mobility, etc.: Information Security has to enable this transformation by mitigating security risks.

Mar 12, 2015
Vienna, Austria

Do you want to feel safe again? Do you want to have a well thought-out protection for Cloud, Social, Mobile, and the IoT (Internet of Things)? Do you want to know what is happening in your network? Are the attackers already in and what are they doing? Do you want to understand your risks? And, in particular, do you want to master Cyber Defense in a proactive way, instead of only reacting to new threats?

Mastering Cyber Defense requires new thinking. Traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is not sufficient. SOCs (Security Operation Centers) have to be redefined. New technologies are required, supporting the business transformation into a digital business with great opportunities. It’s not only about protecting the business systems – traditional Information Technology – anymore, but also the operational systems in manufacturing etc. – the Operational Technology.

Mobile users, customer interaction, the Internet of Things: all these changes require a fundamental shift in the way Cyber Defense is done. Perimeter Security is not sufficient anymore. Isolated solutions such as Endpoint Security or Mobile Security are failing. SIEM is too complex for rapid adaption to new threats. SOCs suffer from the lack of skilled people.

Understanding these new challenges, threats and risks, and new opportunities for reacting is a key to mastering Cyber Defense and thus building the ground for successful business transformation.

In this KuppingerCole Leadership Seminar you will learn how to master the Cyber Defense challenges and how to enable business transformation:

  • The Digital Transformation of Businesses: How business is changing and what it means for Information Security;
  • More than Information Technology: Information Security for things, apps, and operational technology;
  • Understanding attackers, threats, and risks;
  • Real-time Security Intelligence: Managed services, realtime analytics, automated reaction – beyond SIEM;
  • Layered approaches for security: technologies, dependencies, opportunities;
  • The role of SDCI (Software Defined Computing Infrastructures) for future Information Security;
  • The new SOC: how to build, manage and run a SOC today?
  • Information Security Organization: Redefined.

This KuppingerCole Leadership Seminar provides a comprehensive overview of business requirements, drivers, challenges, and solutions for Cyber Defense at the strategic level – the framework you need for redefining your Information Security approaches.

Participants of this seminar are eligible for 3 months of complimentary access to KuppingerCole Research.


Book together with the IAM Crash Course and save

Get an overall view on IAM/IAG and the various subtopics – define your own “big picture” for your future IAM infrastructure.

The IAM Crash Course offers you the following topics:

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) as a basis for secure processes, information and collaborations in the ”Extended Enterprise“
  • IAM Technologies and Standards and their different relevance for your strategic investment decisions
  • Develop an accurate understanding  for your requirements, from a business and a technological point of view
  • How to set the right priorities and learn in which order you should schedule your projects

You will find more information about the crash course here.

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