An overall view on IAM/IAG and the various subtopics – define your own “big picture” for your future IAM infrastructure.

Mar 11, 2015
Vienna, Austria

In-Depth Training: Understand the Overall Context

An overall view on IAM/IAG and the various subtopics – define your own “big picture” for your future IAM infrastructure.

Provisioning, Access Governance – or both? On-premise, Cloud IAM – or both? Many companies, both big and small, only have rudimentary Identity & Access Management (IAM) infrastructures implemented so far; in most cases, they are limited to Identity Provisioning. However, IAM is much more than a single technology or application.

IAM is one of the key disciplines within the information security and an essential element of every IT infrastructure. Traditionally IAM has been seen as pure management tool. In recent years, IAM has become an essential basis for secure yet flexible business processes, secure collaboration and external users and partners and customers. IAM builds the basis for the “extended enterprise” or, as we call it at KuppingerCole, the new ABC: “agile business – connected”. To provide secure and controlled access for business partners to internal and external resources, ensure access to Cloud applications, for both internal and external users, the management of mobile devices and BYOD – all this requires IAM.

Identity & Access Management includes policies, processes, organization – and technology, or a set of technologies and standards. These are essential for sound investment decisions. It is mandatory to understand these technologies and standards, their specific application, and the dependencies between them. Nothing is more expensive than a collection of point solutions, which are purchased and implemented without understanding the entire context.

This Seminar offers

  • Information which is essential for making the right decisions for your IT infrastructure
  • Detailed descriptions of the most important key definitions and their relevant meanings
  • Explanation of the relationship between IAM and other IT disciplines, such as IT service management

Get a broader understanding of the terminology and technologies of the different IAM areas, such as Directory Services and Identity Provisioning, Access Governance & Intelligence, Single Sign-On, Identity Federation, Privilege Management, and Cloud IAM.

Key Topics

  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) as a basis for secure processes, information and collaborations in the ”Extended Enterprise“
  • IAM Technologies and Standards and their different relevance for your strategic investment decisions
  • Develop an accurate understanding  for your requirements, from a business and a technological point of view
  • How to set the right priorities and learn in which order you should schedule your projects

Participants of this seminar are eligible for 3 months of complimentary access to KuppingerCole Research.

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Book your Identity Management Crash course together with the Seminar “Mastering Cyber Defense 2020. Enabling Business Transformation”  on the following day.

The seminar offers you the following topics:

  • The Digital Transformation of Businesses: How business is changing and what it means for Information Security;
  • More than Information Technology: Information Security for things, apps, and operational technology;
  • Understanding attackers, threats, and risks;
  • Real-time Security Intelligence: Managed services, realtime analytics, automated reaction – beyond SIEM;
  • Layered approaches for security: technologies, dependencies, opportunities;
  • The role of SDCI (Software Defined Computing Infrastructures) for future Information Security;
  • The new SOC: how to build, manage and run a SOC today?
  • Information Security Organization: Redefined.

You will find more information about the seminar here.

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