Dan Blum

Dan Blum
Security Architects

An internationally-recognized expert in security, privacy, cloud computing and identity management Dan Blum develops Security Architects Partners’ business partnerships, creates content and leads consulting engagements. He provide security workshops, assessments, architectures and custom consulting services for large enterprise customers covering multiple areas of expertise. He assists enterprises with many areas of security architecture, policy and strategy development. As a Principal Consultant at Security Architects Partners, he has led or contributed to projects such as

  • Privileged access management (PAM) assessment and architecture for a European bank
  • Data residency, privacy and cloud encryption assessment for a global medical device company
  • Data-at-rest encryption and enterprise key management for a private education company
  • Full security assessment for a large U.S. health care network following negative audit results
  • Security organization review for a major university
  • Full security architecture for a large U.S. power company
  • Independent evaluation of the U.S. government’s E-Authentication Program
  • Identity management architecture for a large pharmaceutical

Blum was honored in 2011 as Golden Quill Analyst at Gartner, and as a Privacy by Design Ambassador 2013. He authored 2 books, written for numerous publications and participated in standards groups such as CSA, ISACA, OASIS and others.

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