All our workshops take place co-located to the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 in Munich, Germany. European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015 is the place where identity management, cloud, and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation-driven IT.

If you are interested in attending the Kantara Workshop, you can easily register for this workshop.

Access Management 2.0 – Consent, Context, and User Engagement

05.05.2015 09:00-13:00

The Kantara Initiative annual EIC workshop will focus on the Kantara Initiative strategy for Connected Life & Access Management 2.0. Organizations of all types are faced with permanent change – in technology, markets, business models, and regulation. This continuously changing environment applies for organizations big and small, as well as local and global. Services that leverage identity and personal data are becoming pervasive and the identity data of people, organisations, applications and devices represents a user’s digital DNA.

Kantara Initiative workshop presentations and panels will feature industry leaders discussing Identity Solutions that innovate around the context, consent, and access management across the world. This workshop will explore how Identity Relationship Management (IRM) concepts are transforming digital identity with a focus on innovations that enable high levels of user engagement with in both private and public sector.

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