Yoran Sirkis

Yoran Sirkis CEO


Yoran Sirkis is a seasoned senior executive with deep domain expertise in information security and well-rounded experience in Leadership, Business Development, Professional Services, Consulting, Customer Management, and International Management. Yoran served as a Managing Partner of Comsec Innovation and CEO of Comsec Cyber Solutions, both parts of the Comsec Group. Comsec Group is the largest dedicated Information Security company in Europe, operating branches in Israel, UK and the Netherlands. Prior to that, Yoran served as the VP Professional Services of Comsec Consulting in which he managed all operational and professional aspects of this +100-people company; established and operated international business units and branches, and managed P&L of a multimillion dollar software and services business. Yoran brings over 20 years of experience in information security, specializing in Data/Physical Risk Management. In addition, Yoran has vast experience in investments, M&A and mentoring entrepreneurs.   Yoran holds an Eng. Industrial Management diploma specializing in Information Systems.

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