Philippe Beraud

Philippe Beraud Principal / Architect Consultant


Philippe Beraud joined Microsoft in 1997. As a Principal / Architect Consultant in the Microsoft Consulting Services division, he acquired recognized skills in planning and implementing both infrastructure and applicative architectures in large companies.

Today acting as an Architect / Chief Security Advisor within the Chief Technology Officer Cabinet of the Microsoft French subsidiary, he has strong competences in the design and development of distributed architecture that embrace on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

Based on these passed various experiences, Philippe Beraud focuses his activities on subjects relating to digital identities, cryptology, (hybrid) cloud, and interoperability.

In this role, he is the author of a number of white papers pertaining to identity federation and lifecycle management, PKI and card management, rights management, privacy, etc. He develops and animates seminars on these subjects. He also contributes to various Open Source projects on GitHub.

Finally, from an ISO/IEC standardization standpoint, Philippe Beraud is member at AFNOR, i.e. the French national body, of the following group and commissions : the AFNOR/CGTI Coordination Group for the Information Technologies, the AFNOR/CN 38 Commission “Distributed application platforms and services”, and the AFNOR/CN 27 Commission “Information Systems Security (ISS)”.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001417209313  

Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/philberd  

LinkedIn : http://fr.linkedin.com/pub/philippe-beraud/0/824/720

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