Jason Hart

Jason Hart Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Expert & VP Cloud


As a former ethical hacker with 20 years’ experience in the Information Security industry, Jason has used his knowledge and expertise to create technologies that ensure organisations stay one step ahead of the risks presented by ongoing advances Cyber threats   and risks.  Jason continues to raise the profile of Information Security risks and solutions, and was instrumental in the introduction of the role CSO (Chief Security Officer) within business and the creation of the world’s leading Cloud Based Authentication Platform. In addition Jason has devoted his time to reducing and researching the risk of password theft and password hacking and is globally known for exposing a large number of major password vulnerabilities.

Jason continues to published articles and white papers and continually appears on BBC, ITV, CNN, and CNBC as well as Radio 5, Sky News and BBC World News as an expert advisor on Cyber Security matters and issues.  His expertise has been cited in Time, SC Magazine, InfoSec, Computing and Computer Weekly magazines and in the FT, Guardian, Times and Evening Standard and is recognized as a lead figure within the global information security industry. 

Jason has held senior positions within a number of organizations, including Ernst & Young’s Information Security Assurance and Advisory Services practice, CEO of WhiteHat  and Cryptocard. Clients have included NHS, Governments, as well as a large number of FTSE 100 organizations, for whom Jason has created and developed entire security frameworks as well as Information Security Assessment Methodologies. In addition Jason regularly provides advice and guidance to Governments, Law Enforcement and Military agencies on Information Security matters globally and is Vice Chairman for E-Crime Wales and holds the role of Vice Present of Cloud at Safenet.

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