Michelle Chibba

Michelle Chibba Privacy Officer

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner Ontario

Michelle Chibba oversees the Policy Department and Special Projects at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada (IPC).  Her department is responsible for conducting research and analysis (see papers www.privacybydesign.ca), as well as liaising with a wide range of stakeholders to support the Commissioner’s leadership role in proactively addressing privacy and access issues affecting the public. She has over two decades of professional experience, most of it in the public sector where she managed several strategic policy projects.  Early in her career, she worked in the private sector as well as for a non-governmental policy research organization in the U.S.  One of her many accomplishments within the government was as Quality Manager for the Health Economic Development Unit, where she was instrumental in implementing a quality management system that was successfully registered to the ISO 9001 standard. For this, she received the Amethyst Award for Outstanding Public Service.  She is also a recipient of an Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care ACE Award for achievement, commitment and excellence in Stakeholder/Partner Relations.  Ms. Chibba received her master’s degree from Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.), with a focus on ethics and international business.  She is a frequent speaker on Privacy by Design and emerging data privacy issues on behalf of the Commissioner.

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