Stefan van Gansbeke

Stefan van Gansbeke CISO

CM/MC Health Insurance Fund Belgium

Stefan van Gansbeke, is the Information Security Officer for the Christian health insurance fund (CM/MC). With more than 4.5 million members and 6.000 employees, CM is Belgium’s largest compulsory health insurance organisation.

CM implemented an ISO 27000 inspired corporate security policy, with a governance adapted to the federated structure of the organisation. An effective security strategy, Business relevance, dashboarded security baselines and spicy awareness with a lean structure are the major ingredients. CM/MC is confronted with interesting challenges such as upcoming changes in privacy legislation, growing demand for Cloud & BYOx, adoption of ERM, implementation of IAM/PIM, enforcing its BCM and facing cyber threats.

Stefan has been appointed as a Risk Officer for two related organisations requiring CBFA and Solvency II compliancy.

Stefan is regularly  invited to security roundtables and speaking opportunities such as EIC2014, IDC, ISACA, International Cyber Security Strategy Conference, CIO leadership summit, CIO net, Solvay Business School, AMS,… 

Stefan held different positions within  IT &  program  management and ‘DRY’ development for Capco, Lease Plan,  Smals & Scorpio.

Stefan holds a masters degree in Computer Science (VUB), is CISM certified ISACA member and also engages as ISSA-BE board advisor.

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