European Identity Conference 2011


Hot Topics 2011

  • Wikileaks, Stuxnet, Night Dragon: Managing the New, Global Risks
  • The Future of Information Governance
  • In Cloud we Trust?!
  • Governing the Clouds: How to Keep (or Achieve) Control About what Happens in All the Clouds
  • Cloud Standardization Trends for Governance, Interoperability, Security
  • Cloud & Digital ID: How to Secure the Cloud Now
  • Access First – The State und Future of Identity & Access Management
  • Centralized Authorization – XACML and Beyond
  • IAM – the Foundation: Best Practices for Implementing or Optimizing All the Core Elements Like Provisioning, SSO and Others
  • Privacy 
  • Cloud and Virtualization Security: How to Integrate IAM, GRC, Cloud Computing and Virtualization

European Identity Conference (EIC) is the place to meet with enterprise technologists, thought leaders and experts to learn about, discuss and shape the market in most significant technology topics such as Identity Management, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) and Cloud Computing. With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe and beyond.


Thought Leadership

Matching tomorrow’s promise with today’s reality – the European Identity Conference has become the place, where thought leaders from all over the world meet with enterprise users and discuss innovations and their impact on enterprise infrastructures.

Ingo Arnold Kim Cameron Prof Dr. David Chadwick Prof. Dr. Eberhard von Faber Erwin Heenemann
Ingo Arnold

Kim Cameron
Microsoft Corp.
Prof. Dr. David Chadwick
University of Kent
Prof. Dr. Eberhard von Faber
Erwin Heeneman
John Hermans Wolfgang Hirsch Niels von der Hude Jules Jerome Nishant Kaushik
John Hermans
Wolfgang Hirsch
Siemens IT Solutions & Services
Niels von der Hude
Beta Systems Software
Jules Jerome 
Dexia Banque
Nishant Kaushik
Dave Kearns Dr. Laurent Liscia Dr. Barbara Mandl Dr. Emilio Mordini Adrew Nash
Dave Kearns 
Network World
Dr. Laurent Liscia
Dr. Barbara Mandl
Daimler AG
Dr. Emilio Mordini
Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship
Andrew Nash
Dr. Stewart Room Dr. Heinz-Dieter Schmelling Jackson Shaw Don Thibeau Colin Wallis
Stewart Room
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
Dr. Heinz-Dieter Schmelling
Jackson Shaw
Quest Software
Don Thibeau
OpenID Foundation
Colin Wallis
New Zealand Government


With more than 100 speakers, a large number of exhibitors and more than 500 participants from around the world,  EIC & CLOUD is considered one of the most important international conference events for IT and business professionally interested in keeping abreast of developments in Identity & Access management (IAM), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) and Cloud Security.

Bringing together technology and business has always been our focus in putting together the program for EIC & CLOUD. The conference is all about showcasing practical experience and no-nonsense solutions. While the technical dimensions of Identity management and Cloud Computing continue to pose daunting challenges for corporations and government organizations everywhere, business professionals face a completely different set of issues which they will find addressed at EIC & CLOUD. No amount of fancy tools is going to fix a process that is fundamentally flawed, after all.

Thought Leadership & Best Practices in Identity Management, Cloud Computing & GRC is the motto of this year’s EIC & CLOUD.  Together with our agenda partners ISACA, OASIS, Kantara Initiative, Cloud Security Alliance and OpenID Foundation we offer you 4 parallel tracks consisting of keynotes, workshops, panels and meetings and – new this year – the “World Café” moderated by Identity guru Dave Kearns in order to provide a world-class event that will help you meet the challenges that lie ahead.

EIC 2011 Identity Management World Café: Integrated IdM – and how to get there

May 11th, 10:30 – 16:30
Moderation: Dave Kearns, Network World

In The World Café you get to create the agenda, the data, and the presentation as we try to harness the wisdom of the crowd. There’ll be tables set up for each of the general areas of IdM/IAM implementation strategies (Single vendor, Best of breed, in the Datacenter, in the Cloud) – multiple tables for each. Sprinkled around will be vendors, analysts, consultants and other experts to answer factual questions or spur discussion. Every 30-40 minutes we’ll ask attendees to switch tables. The entire session will run about 4 hours, but we don’t expect people to be with us for all of that time. You can come and go in small chunks, go out to another session, then come back again.

International Privacy and IT Security Law – Crash Course for IT Professionals

May 12th, 10:30 – 15:00
Dr. Jörg Hladjk, Hunton & Williams LLP

Cloud computing, first and foremost, is providing great opportunities to quickly and with low budget implement new applications and services. Wether it was some collaboration tool with federated authentication for project members in various countries, or some data storage and access shared beyond frontiers – technology nowadays is more and more not the reason anymore why a company might not do this. But – what about the legal implications? Where are project data and personal information stored? Who has access from which country? Where are access decisions taken?

Dr. Jörg Hladjk will take you through the most important legal principles and talk about the main differences between different countries. After this 3-hour training you will know which questions to ask and you will have a better understanding of basic compliance strategies when implementing IT systems cross-border. 

Read more about the legal track

KuppingerCole Expert Analysts

Tim Cole Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl Martin Kuppinger Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus Sebastian Rohr Mike Small
Tim Cole Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl Martin Kuppinger Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus  Sebastian Rohr Mike Small


Cloud Computing is revolutionizing the way companies deal with partners, customers and suppliers, tearing down borders, unlocking the power of truly global systems and processes that are orders of magnitude more powerful and efficient than those in use today. But Cloud Computing is also putting pressure on experienced IT professionals to go with the flow or get out of the way. 

At the same time, IT and business is being forced to deal with a whole new range of security and compliance issues that take into account the different rules, regulations and cultures of customers and partners in other continents and legal systems. The words “data protection” can have a totally different meaning for, say, someone living in Europe. Terms like privacy and segregation of duties need to be redefined as companies move to the Cloud if they hope to do business successfully.

EIC & CLOUD 2011 Workshops 

OpenID Logo  

An Update and Overviewon OpenID

May 10th, 09:00 – 13:00

The OpenID Foundation’s 2011 series of OpenID Summits focus is on use cases and topics of interest to key developers, executives and analysts in the identity industry. The OpenID Summit in Munich will focus on global adoption dynamics and the evolution of OpenID technologies. It is a free event co-sponsored by Google and Microsoft.  

Tony Nadalin Don Thibeau Eric Sachs
Tony Nadalin
Don Thibeau
OpenID Foundation
Eric Sachs

Cloud Security Alliance  

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA): Cloud Controls Matrix

May 10th, 09:00 – 13:00

Liam Lynch
Liam Lynch


Business Model for Information Security (BMIS)

May 13th, 09:00 – 16:00

This Workshop for security professionals provides comprehensive guidance that addresses the people, process, organization and technology aspects of information security.

The Business Model for Information Security (BMIS) presents a holistic, dynamic solution for designing, implementing and managing information security. As an alternative to applying controls to apparent security symptoms in a cause-and-effect pattern, BMIS examines the entire enterprise system, allowing management to address the source of problems.

Rolf von Roessing
Rolf von Roessing

Kantara Logo

Open Identity Exchange


Trust Framework Model and IdM Summit

May 13th, 09:00 – 14:00

This Workshop will focus on the Trust Framework Model and explain in detail how this model works to solve many issues surrounding identity with special regard to governments and private sector success stories, use cases and projects. The Trust Framework Model is technology agnostic and provides a means for varying current and emerging technologies, governments and organizations to assure trust through certified credential issuance.

Matthew Gardiner Don Thibeau Fulup ar Foll
Matthew Gardiner
Don Thibeau
OpenID Foundation
Fulup ar Foll
rainer hoerbe.per Ian Henderson Colin Wallis

Rainer Hörbe

Ian Henderson
Colin Wallis
New Zealand Gvt.
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