Thought Leadership & Best Practices in Identity Management

Attend this landmark Identity Management meeting and join all the key players in the field and take back to your company key learnings on issues such as compliance management, next generation provisioning, user centric identity, federation and single sign-on. The speaker faculty will consist of senior level management, CIO/CISO, CTO – and project management.

KCP are the only European analyst group to focus exclusively on the dynamic market for identity & access management
(IAM) software and solutions. Our clients are leading manufacturers, vendors and services companies, most of them
major players in the global market for Digital ID and IAM, as well as major international and national corporations actively
involved in IAM projects. KCP provides market perspective, critical product analysis and strategic consulting enabling
these companies to improve the quality and compliance of their business processes and better align their IT with rapidly
changing business needs.

KCP events are a unique opportunity for you to gain valuable insights and gather the information you need to make informed investment decisions in the field of Identity & Access Management.

European Identity Conference 2007

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Key Topics

  • Compliance Trends & Identity Risk Management

  • Identity Federation

  • User Centric Identity

  • Authentication Trends

  • Roles & Provisioning

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