Thought leadership in Digital Identity, Cloud Migration, Governance, Risk and Compliance

 January 28–30th 2015 at the Intercontinental Hotel
Shenzhen, China

The Digital Risk and Security Conference 2015 is where you will learn the latest in identity management, cloud technology and compliance requirements in the software industry. Thought leaders and experts in information security get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT. DRS provides a world class list of speakers, panel discussions, thought leadership presentations and global analyst views.


Key Topics

  The Future of Identity Management & Information Security for the Global Enterprise
  Identity & Access Management for a Multi-jurisdiction Global Enterprise
  Best Practice Cyber Security
  Compliance – Current Status and Trends, China, Europe, United States
  Software Development for International Markets
  Agile Business Management for the Extended Organization
  Risk Management Approach to Identity Management & the Importance of Standards

Why You Should Attend

Learn the importance of Identity Management as companies embrace the cloud

As companies move more services into the cloud it is important to plan how you are going to manage authentication to hosted applications and protected resources. Failing to design the management of your identities across on-premise and cloud infrastructure will adversely affect governance and cost-efficiency.

Understand the Identity Management for a multi-jurisdiction global enterprise

Companies with multiple organizational units with their own management autonomy have a special requirement when adopting private or public cloud services. They need to maintain an agile approach that provides robust authentication services from loosely coupled identity stores while imposing a common governance over their identity and access management services.

Develop a strategic approach to the Extended Enterprise

The extended enterprise – cloud-based database, on-line backup etc. must be part of your IT infrastructure plans. Letting the adoption of cloud services occur outside the strategic direction of the organization will reduce efficiency and increase costs.

Learn the current trends in Compliance and the needs of international markets

Companies wanting to sell or expand into international markets must ensure adherence to regulatory controls and ensure their businesses meet the required standards.

Understand the Agile Business Management trend for extended businesses

Identity federation, cloud identity management and API management help organizations in meeting their business needs for agile business processes that connect the organization to their business partners and customers, and manage access to cloud applications. There is a need for a new organizational structure for IT balancing business demands to information security and compliance needs.  

Develop a Risk Management approach to Identity Management

Identifying risks, analyzing them for probability and impact, and determining an appropriate response are all part of managing risk and ensuring your identity data is managed and leveraged for authentication and authorisation purposes for both on-premise and cloud applications.

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