Kuppinger Cole, who are the organizers of the European Identity Conferences, are looking for speakers with a deep knowledge and expertise in the field of identity management, being recognized within the community and confident to promote or share innovative ideas and best practices as actionable destilled insights. These may be end-users sharing their identity management strategies and deployment experiences, industry analysts or experts impacting progress in the industry.

European Identity Conferences as well offer a wide variety of participation opportunities for identity management related vendors through sponsorship, by hosting a booth at the exhibition, and by representing their company´s position in moderated panels and discussions.

As a European Identity Conference Speaker, you

  • Have the right to attend the whole conference including workshops free of charge
  • Must attend the conference for the entire day on which you speak.
  • Submit your presentation title and abstract by not later than indicated in the “important dates” section on the call for speakers form
  • sign an audio and video release of your presentation

Best practices presentations include a 45 minute presentation followed immediately by a 10 minute question and answer session. Panel members will be briefed by the panel moderator on speaking times, lengths, format, etc.


For an online submission of your abstract, please click here (registration required).

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