European Identity Awards 2011May 11th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

European Identity Awards for outstanding identity management projects and initiatives were once again presented by the analyst group KuppingerCole at the evening event of the European Identity Conference 2011.

eic award

In the category Cloud Provider Offerings the winner is WSO2 for providing a multi-tenant Identity as a Cloud Service with OpenID and XACML support, build on an open-source platform, with several innovative features and migrating an on-premise solution to a full cloud service.

The award for the best On-Premise to Cloud Migration is gone to NHS Trust/King’s College London for their NHS Infrastructure providing a secure infrastructure for researchers in the cloud to store and share data while protecting against data loss.

As best Identity & Access Management project the award was given to BrokerGate, a Swiss solution working as a Secure Federation Broker for insurance brokers to manage federations instead of all the users, thus reducing the administrative workload and increasing security.

A special award for Integrated Identity & Access Management, a key topic of this year’s EIC, gone to Telefonica O2 Czech Republic for their successful deployment of a large scale IAM implementation covering provisioning, SSO, Audit, efficient application on-boarding, and more.

As best GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) project the BT Managed Fraud Service has been selected, a shared service providing real-time assessment of online transactions and analyzing fraud.

In the category Privacy the winners are Qiy and connect.me, delivering Innovative approaches to manage the personal identity in the Internet.

Two awards were granted in the category Identity-related eGovernment projects. One goes to Postecom for their CECPAC project, a certified, free mail platform open to all Italian Citizens for their communications with Public Administrations. The other goes to tunnistus.fi and the KATSO consortium for their Government to Citizen/Business services established in Finland, now used by more than 70% of the Finnish companies.

The award for the most influential standardization effort goes to OASIS and the XACML TC (Technical Committee) for the work on XACML 3.0, an important standard driving the externalization of security out of application for centralized management and control.

Finally, there is another special award for the best project around entitlement management and the externalization of security out of applications, given to the State of California for a service which manages authentication and authorization centrally for the Tax Service and a large number of applications, based on a central entitlement management system and XACML 3.0.

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Live from EIC 2011May 11th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

The second day of the European Identity Conference is well underway, and we’re constantly working to bring the latest news and materials online as soon as possible.

Have a look at our photo gallery, it’s updated almost every hour:

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Check out our podcasts area, where we’re adding interviews with conference speakers:

eic11 interview vonroessing eic11 interview shaw

You can also follow the progress of the conference on Twitter, our “official” hashtag is #eic11

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Outstanding projects and initiatives in Identity Management honoredMay 5th, 2010Alexei Balaganski

European Identity Award for outstanding projects, innovations and advancements in the field of digital identity management was presented by the analyst group Kuppinger Cole at a festive ceremony at the European Identity Conference 2010, the leading European venue for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) in Munich.

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Awards were given in six categories. Besides the award for “best innovation” in IAM or GRC, the categories include best program or initiative in internal projects, B2B, B2C, Cloud Computing and eGovernment/eHealth.

Vendors, system houses, consultants and enterprise users were asked to submit suggestions for the award. Additionally, the shortlist included projects and initiatives that have come to the attention of Kuppinger Cole analysts over the course of the last 12 months. The three award winners in each category were chosen from this list.

In the category “Best Innovation”, the European Identity Award will be shared by Microsoft and IBM for their solutions “U-Prove” and “Idemix”. Both solutions provide minimal disclosure of identity-related information and are therefore seen by Kuppinger Cole as pioneering efforts in enhancing online privacy and security. A third award went to Wipro Technologies for their IAM appliance solution based on Novell software which provides a full set of hardware and software components based on standards and optimized for easy configuration.

The award for “Best Internal Project” was shared by three winners. One award went to Şekerbank T.A.Ş of Turkey for a solution developed together with Smartsoft and Oracle for providing risk-based authentication and authorization using neural networks. The second prize was awarded to Hannover Municipal Works for their IAM project based on a product supplied by Voelcker Informatik denoted by full ITIL integration as well as interfaces to a wide range of service and configuration management systems. The third winner is Schenker AG, a major logistics company which received the award for a project undertaken in conjunction with ic-Consult and using technology from IBM and which provides an innovative and consistent approach to Web Services.

In the category “Best Project B2C”, the prize was once again split between three contestants. The University of Washington was honored for its identity federation solution in research and education which was developed together with Microsoft and is intended to form part of their “Live@Edu” initiative. The Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.L.) in Belgium received a prize for its identity management solution for students and other groups, a solution that is tightly linked to SAP and which places a strong focus on regulatory compliance. Finally, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns (KVB), the association of statutory health insurance physicians in the German state of Bavaria, receives an award for its simple solution for strong authentication developed with the help of Devoteam Danet.

The award for “Best Project B2B” was also shared by three winners. BMW was honored for its identity management solution covering more than 100,000 dealerships and other external users, replacing existing legacy systems and developed together with Omada and Microsoft. Thomson Reuters received a prize for its solution enabling users to easily and securely access various application services, and which is based on Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation. The third award in this category went to the Finnish State Railways Group for a system that enables consistent authorization management between different organizations which was developed with the help of RM5 Software.

In the category “Best IAM Project in Cloud Computing”, the award went to three projects run by single hosting providers or as multi-client cloud services. The first went to Orange FT Group of France for their innovative solution involving authentication of multiple identity and service providers within federated environments. Another award went to BasisOne, a hosting provider based in South Africa with a strong focus on SAP solutions, for an infrastructure project involving IAM technology provided by Novell. The third award was received by Piaggio Group of Italy for a hosted IAM solution based on products by Engiweb and focusing on defined, enterprise-wide business processes.

The European Identity Award for eGovernment/eHealth went to the University Clinic Munich for an outstanding project involving authentication and authorization for internal systems, which was developed together with Siemens and revolves around an especially lean and efficient authentication process.

The most important award of the year in the view of Kuppinger Cole also belongs to the category “eGovernment/eHealth”. It honors the German Ministry of the Interior’s electronic identity card project (“neuer Personal-Ausweis”, or “nPA”). The new digital document will be introduced in November of this year and is currently undergoing final tests. It will eventually replace existing ID cards for all German citizens and can be used to provide identity credentials for online transactions. The award honors the innovative and well thought-out concept that addresses concerns about data security in exemplary fashion.

Both the number of nominees for the European Identity Award 2010 and the quality of the project submitted far surpassed last year. This is seen by Kuppinger Cole as a general sign of increasing maturity in IAM and GRC solutions. Especially notable was the number of nominations in the category “Cloud Computing”, a trend that the analyst group feels will be sure to continue over the next few years.

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You’ll find photos of all the winners in our gallery.

The video of the ceremony is available online, too.

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Conference GalleryMay 9th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

A lot of photos from the conference are now available in our gallery.

IMG 5838 IMG 5994 IMG 6126
IMG 6181 IMG 6525 IMG 6570

You can also view them all as a slideshow.

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Awards for outstanding Identity management projectsMay 7th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

On the occasion of the European Identity Conference 2009 (EIC), the leading European event for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance), the analyst firm Kuppinger Cole conferred the European Identity Award. The award recognizes outstanding projects as well as innovations and additional developments of standards.

IMG 6417

There are six categories for the award. In addition to best innovation in the areas of IAM and GRC, and the best new or improved standards, the best projects of the past 12 months for the categories internal projects, B2B, B2C, and eGovernment are honoured.

Manufacturers, system integrators, consultants, and user enterprises were encouraged to propose candidates for the award. Kuppinger Cole also included projects they had encountered during their own analyses activities. Up to three outstanding projects and innovations were selected as recipients of the awards from the group of proposed candidates.

In the category “Best innovation”, the award went to the OpenSSO initative, founded and supported by Sun Microsystems. Their project, OpenSSO Fedlet has provided a lean solution for the Identity Federation. Another award goes to the companies Yubico and AXSionics for their respective innovations in the area of strong authentication, which provide easier solutions for use on the internet and in the context of user-centric identity management. Another award in that category went to Microsoft for their Geneva project, in which federation becomes part of user containers – in the view of Kuppinger Cole, one of the most significant enhancements for future use and dissemination of the Identity Federation.

The European Identity Award for the category “Best new or improved standard” went to the Aristotle Project for ArisID, an important enhancement of IGF (Identity Governance Frameworks) and CARML, which enhances user-friendliness of these important standards for IAM and GRC. This particular innovation had been promoted and supported by Oracle. The standardization initiative OAuth (Open Authentication) receives an award for their streamlined approach for authentication standardization, which finds a lot of market interest. The last award in this category goes to the Information Card Foundation (ICF) for standardizing the important approach of Information Cards for future identity management.

One of the awards in the category “Best internal IAM/GRC project” went to Enel SpA, the largest energy supplier in Italy, for their nationally implemented large-scale project with full IAM and GRC integration, in which sophisticated SoD controls are used, and for which role management was widely implemented. Another award goes to Deutsche Bank AG for their GRC implementation in the financial sector, which provided fast implementation of control functions for user authorizations. And last but not least, one award goes to ECCO Sko A/S, a Danish shoe manufacturer, and Helvetia Insurance in Switzerland. These companies provided solutions for IAM and GRC implementations for the integration into other systems, e.g. Lifecycle Management and License Management (ECCO) and their respective procurement workflows (Helvetia).

One of the awards for “Best IAM/GRC project for B2B” went to Citi for their Global Transaction Service, which supports secure transactions for their B2B customers. The next award went to the Swedish BankID Consortium for their successful solution in the area of electronic ID, which can be utilized by their employees, partners, and clients, and has already been well established. The last award in this category goes to swissgrid ag, which recognized their approach for identity management in the electricity sector, where challenges are growing continuously more complex due to deregulation, and solutions need to be realized far beyond the boundaries of individual enterprises.

One of the European Identity Awards in the category “Best IAM/GRC project for B2C” goes to the Department of the Interior of the Czech Republic for their project CzechPoint, a kiosk-based approach, with which citizens can utilize eGovernment functions, and which significantly simplifies processes for both citizens and the state. Another award goes to the London Borough of Newham for their first implementation of Information Cards in eGovernment, which simplifies access to their services for citizens (clients).

One further award in the category “Best IAM/GRC project for eGovernment” went to  the city of Cologne; their project successfully transformed their internal IAM solution with a strong service management component into a common service center, which can also be utilized by other communities in the region.

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Photos from the eventApril 28th, 2008Alexei Balaganski

We have added photos from the conference to our gallery:

0006 0059 0069


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Some photos from the award ceremonyApril 27th, 2008Alexei Balaganski

Jackson Shaw of Quest Software has posted some pictures of the European Identity Award ceremony.



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