PayPal supportApril 28th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

We have recently added PayPal support to our website. You can now use it to purchase KuppingerCole Reports and other research papers or even pay for a conference booking.

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Speaking of conferences… European Identity Conference 2011 opens in just ten days. It’s still not too late to register!

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New conference locationMarch 16th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

As some of you have probably already noticed, this year the European Identity Conference will take place at a new location: Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim.

Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim is a hotel and conference and special events venue located 15 minutes from Munich International Airport and just 20 minutes from the Munich city center. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology, free high-speed Internet access, ergonomic seating and rooms flooded with daylight. Here are some photos:

Auditorium Gegenschuss 0010 internet.jpg BallhausForum Nacht

munich44 l munich34 l

You will find more information on their website. We’re looking forward to seeing you there in May!

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Google authentication supportAugust 27th, 2010Alexei Balaganski

In addition to Facebook authentication, which we have added last month, you’re now able to log in to our website with your Google account.

Don’t forget to check out your account page after signing up to edit your personal information  and subscribe to our newsletters!

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Facebook authentication supportJuly 26th, 2010Alexei Balaganski

We have added Facebook authentication to our website. If you are a Facebook user, you’re can now log in using your existing account without filling any registration forms. That means, for example, that you’re just one mouse click away from watching our podcasts or subscribing to our newsletters.

By the way, we have a Facebook page, too.

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EIC 2010 Agenda PreviewFebruary 12th, 2010Alexei Balaganski

Joerg Resch is writing that the first draft of the agenda for the European Identity Conference 2010 is online:

Some very exciting and controversal strategic views, like for example Munich Re CIO Dr. Rainer Janßen talking about “what business has to learn, so that IT can align”, lots of “real” cloud security topics, many fantastic best practices, and, for the first time this year, combined with a German speaking track (which can be booked separately), dedicated for medium sized companies and public organizations. Stay tuned, I’ll be adding content to the agenda every day.

EIC 2010 Agenda Preview

If you want to have a look before the agenda is officially published, here is the link.

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Virtual eventsDecember 7th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

We would like to present a new kind of events organized by Kuppinger Cole: virtual conferences.

Basically, a virtual conference is a series of webinars united by a common topic. You can register for all of them (or for those only, which you find interesting) with just a couple of clicks. Registration is, of course, free.

The first of such virtual events takes place on December, 8 – 9:

Enterprise Access Governance – Controlling Access, Ensuring Information Security

Please follow the link to find out more.

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New designJune 30th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

We would like to present a “design refresh” of our web sites: www.kuppingercole.com, blogs.kuppingercole.com, and www.id-conf.com.

We hope that a common header style will increase recognition and ease navigation between the sites.

You are welcome to visit anytime, there is always something new waiting for you :)

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EIC 2009 presentations and keynotesMay 12th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

Just like last year, registered participants of the EIC 2009 have access to all presentations and keynote videos in the special area of Kuppinger Cole web site.

We have sent a personal direct link to that area in an e-mail to every participant, so please check your inbox!

If you haven’t received such an mail from Kuppinger Cole, it could be that we do not know your address yet. In this case please contact Mr. Levent Kara.

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Presentation downloadsMay 8th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

Registered EIC 2009 participants can access all available presentations through this link: http://www.id-conf.com/presentations/

Almost all presentations are already online, the remaining ones will be added next week. We will also make keynote videos available soon.

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Awards for outstanding Identity management projectsMay 7th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

On the occasion of the European Identity Conference 2009 (EIC), the leading European event for Identity and Access Management (IAM) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance), the analyst firm Kuppinger Cole conferred the European Identity Award. The award recognizes outstanding projects as well as innovations and additional developments of standards.

IMG 6417

There are six categories for the award. In addition to best innovation in the areas of IAM and GRC, and the best new or improved standards, the best projects of the past 12 months for the categories internal projects, B2B, B2C, and eGovernment are honoured.

Manufacturers, system integrators, consultants, and user enterprises were encouraged to propose candidates for the award. Kuppinger Cole also included projects they had encountered during their own analyses activities. Up to three outstanding projects and innovations were selected as recipients of the awards from the group of proposed candidates.

In the category “Best innovation”, the award went to the OpenSSO initative, founded and supported by Sun Microsystems. Their project, OpenSSO Fedlet has provided a lean solution for the Identity Federation. Another award goes to the companies Yubico and AXSionics for their respective innovations in the area of strong authentication, which provide easier solutions for use on the internet and in the context of user-centric identity management. Another award in that category went to Microsoft for their Geneva project, in which federation becomes part of user containers – in the view of Kuppinger Cole, one of the most significant enhancements for future use and dissemination of the Identity Federation.

The European Identity Award for the category “Best new or improved standard” went to the Aristotle Project for ArisID, an important enhancement of IGF (Identity Governance Frameworks) and CARML, which enhances user-friendliness of these important standards for IAM and GRC. This particular innovation had been promoted and supported by Oracle. The standardization initiative OAuth (Open Authentication) receives an award for their streamlined approach for authentication standardization, which finds a lot of market interest. The last award in this category goes to the Information Card Foundation (ICF) for standardizing the important approach of Information Cards for future identity management.

One of the awards in the category “Best internal IAM/GRC project” went to Enel SpA, the largest energy supplier in Italy, for their nationally implemented large-scale project with full IAM and GRC integration, in which sophisticated SoD controls are used, and for which role management was widely implemented. Another award goes to Deutsche Bank AG for their GRC implementation in the financial sector, which provided fast implementation of control functions for user authorizations. And last but not least, one award goes to ECCO Sko A/S, a Danish shoe manufacturer, and Helvetia Insurance in Switzerland. These companies provided solutions for IAM and GRC implementations for the integration into other systems, e.g. Lifecycle Management and License Management (ECCO) and their respective procurement workflows (Helvetia).

One of the awards for “Best IAM/GRC project for B2B” went to Citi for their Global Transaction Service, which supports secure transactions for their B2B customers. The next award went to the Swedish BankID Consortium for their successful solution in the area of electronic ID, which can be utilized by their employees, partners, and clients, and has already been well established. The last award in this category goes to swissgrid ag, which recognized their approach for identity management in the electricity sector, where challenges are growing continuously more complex due to deregulation, and solutions need to be realized far beyond the boundaries of individual enterprises.

One of the European Identity Awards in the category “Best IAM/GRC project for B2C” goes to the Department of the Interior of the Czech Republic for their project CzechPoint, a kiosk-based approach, with which citizens can utilize eGovernment functions, and which significantly simplifies processes for both citizens and the state. Another award goes to the London Borough of Newham for their first implementation of Information Cards in eGovernment, which simplifies access to their services for citizens (clients).

One further award in the category “Best IAM/GRC project for eGovernment” went to  the city of Cologne; their project successfully transformed their internal IAM solution with a strong service management component into a common service center, which can also be utilized by other communities in the region.

IMG 6299 IMG 6317 IMG 6336 IMG 6349 IMG 6360 IMG 6369 IMG 6382

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