EIC impressionsMay 18th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

A few more short interviews from the conference

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Interview with Kim CameronMay 18th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

Interview with Kim Cameron, Microsoft

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The Lost Chapters of EICMay 17th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

Today we’ve been finally able to get our hands on a tape we almost believed to be lost forever. But thanks to our video technicians we can now present you a few more interviews from the EIC 2009.

Interview with Marina Walser, Novell EMEA

Interview with Fulup Ar Foll, Sun Microsystems (yes, another one!)

Stay tuned for more.

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Keynote by Kim Cameron, MicrosoftMay 15th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

The Road to Claims: From Vision to Reality
Kim Cameron, Microsoft

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Keynote by Marina Walser, NovellMay 14th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

SAP-GRC-IdM – What is the Problem?
Marina Walser, Novell EMEA

741 Commenthttp://www.id-conf.com/blog/2009/05/14/keynote-by-marina-walser-novell/Keynote+by+Marina+Walser%2C+Novell2009-05-14+17%3A30%3A25Alexei+Balaganski

Keynote by John Aisien, OracleMay 13th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

Enterprise IT-enabled Cost Avoidance & Reduction: The Role of Identity & Access Management
John Aisien, Oracle Corporation

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Keynote by Eve Maler, Sun MicrosystemsMay 13th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

We’re planning to upload selected EIC 2009 keynotes to YouTube and here is the first one.

The Care and Feeding of Online Relationships
Eve Maler, Sun Microsystems

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EIC 2009 presentations and keynotesMay 12th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

Just like last year, registered participants of the EIC 2009 have access to all presentations and keynote videos in the special area of Kuppinger Cole web site.

We have sent a personal direct link to that area in an e-mail to every participant, so please check your inbox!

If you haven’t received such an mail from Kuppinger Cole, it could be that we do not know your address yet. In this case please contact Mr. Levent Kara.

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Kuppinger Cole on TwitterMay 11th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

You can follow @kuppingercole on Twitter to get the latest news from Kuppinger Cole web site in real time.

Or maybe you’ll be interested to follow our employees’ own accounts: @TCole1066, @balaganski, @Lefti09, @joergresch, @BettinaButhmann. I’m sure others will join soon :)

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Kuppinger Cole on FacebookMay 10th, 2009Alexei Balaganski

We invite everyone to join Kuppinger Cole group on Facebook.

facebook logo

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