InterviewsMay 2nd, 2008Alexei Balaganski

During the conference, our analysts have organized a number of interviews with some of the important speakers. We’re going to make those interviews available online in a number of ways, and that, of course, includes publishing them on YouTube.

Here is the 45 minute talk Felix Gaehtgens had with Dave Kearns, Kim Cameron, Jackson Shaw and Dale Olds discussing the future “identity bus” concept.

You will find more interviews on the Kuppinger Cole channel on YouTube site. Even more will be added later.

Update: High resolution videos of the interviews can be found in the podcasts section of our web site.

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    […] Kearns, Jackson Shaw, Dave Olds and myself had a good old time talking with Felix Gaehtgens about the “identity bus”.  I had a real ”aha” during […]

  2. gil_kirkpa23491

    Come on Felix, you could have mentioned “DEC”!…

    And it’s Dale Olds, not Dave Olds.

  3. balaganski

    I’m pretty sure it was just a typo :)
    Fixed anyway.

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