Our blog is now open for all participantsApril 24th, 2008Alexei Balaganski

We welcome all conference participants to write their thoughts and describe their experiences in this blog.

You can create an account and start posting right away, just click here.



15Commentshttp://www.id-conf.com/blog/2008/04/24/our-blog-is-now-open-for-all-participants/Our+blog+is+now+open+for+all+participants2008-04-24+07%3A20%3A04Alexei+Balaganski to “Our blog is now open for all participants”

  1. Oliver Belikan

    A big compliment and my respect for organising such a great conference. Thank you guys!

  2. Willi Kafitz

    When will you publish my posting? It is still in the status “pending review”. Since a week ago now.

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