KCP awards prizes to outstanding Identity Management projects and initiativesApril 23rd, 2008Joerg Resch

eic awardWith the European Identity Award the analyst company KCP Kuppinger Cole + Partner now awards for the first time Identity Management projects and initiatives at the European Identity Conference 2008 in Munich. The prizes were awarded during the evening event associated with the conference held on April 22nd, 2008.

In any of the categories

  • Best innovations in Identity Management
  • Best new/improved standard in Identity Management
  • Best internal Identity Management project
  • Best Identity Management project for B2B
  • Best Identity Management project for B2C
  • Best eGovernment project

three finalists were nominated from the recommended lists of initiatives and projects followed up by KCP over the last 12 months. These finalists stand out with their excellent performances in the field of Identity Management.

We will announce the finalists and winners shortly.



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