VRM2008 with Doc SearlsJanuary 24th, 2008Joerg Resch

I just got confirmation from Doc Searls, that he will be coming to VRM2008 and EIC. We therefore now officially opened registration for the VRM2008 unconference, which will be taking place on 21st April until 22nd April at the EIC location (Forum am Deutschen Museum) in Munich. Registration for VRM2008 is free of charge.

VRM, or Vendor Relationship Management, is the reciprocal of CRM or Customer Relationship Management. It provides customers with tools for engaging with vendors in ways that work for both parties.

The unconference format is not yet very well known over here. Therefore a wikipedia definition: “An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants (generally day-by-day during the course of the event) rather than by one or more organizers in advance of the event. The term is primarily used in the geek community. “



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