Identity (Risk) Management and MetricsJanuary 23rd, 2008Martin Kuppinger

One of the emerging topics in Identity Management is Identity Risk Management. An important part of this are Identity Risk Metrics, e.g. defined metrics for the risks which are related to digital identities. That isn’t limited to security and compliance risks, but includes cost and performance risks as well. Identity Risk Metrics thus are an interesting tool not only to manage risks but to measure and optimize IT.

If you focus on aspects like performance risks then you can discuss whether it is really about risks – or, in general, about improvements in IT. The approach of Identity Risk Management and the related metrics can be easily expanded to an approach of IT metrics and thus be used to measure and improve IT.

Our Workshop on Identity Risk Management to be held on April 25th will discuss the potential of Identity Risk Metrics in depth, showing how this concept can be used to not only show risks but to gain business values and improve IT.



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