Videos from the EIC 2012May 1st, 2012Alexei Balaganski

The first keynote videos from the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012 have been published on our website. Over the course of this week we’re planning to make all keynotes and selected conference sessions available as podcasts.

Please note that most of these videos can only be viewed by the conference participants or users having a KuppingerCole Research subscription.

However, we’re going to make some videos accessible for everyone on our YouTube channel, and the first one is the keynote “Free Customers: The New Platform” by Doc Searls.

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012 videos »

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Photos from the EIC 2012April 25th, 2012Alexei Balaganski

A selection of photos from the European Identity Conference 2012 has been published on our Facebook page.

eicc2012 096 eicc2012 101 eicc2012 135 eicc2012 180 eicc2012 186 eicc2012 211 eicc2012 277 eicc2012 326 eicc2012 357 eicc2012 368 eicc2012 387 eicc2012 398

All photos (over 400) you can find in our photo gallery. High-resolution photos are available upon request.

In other news, presentations from the conference are now available for download to all participants. If you have problems accessing them, please contact our technical support.

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Move your IT to the Next Level: The KuppingerCole IT ModelFebruary 20th, 2012Martin Kuppinger

Many organizations struggle with the two major initiatives of today’s IT, which are Cloud Computing and Information Security. The reason for that is simple: The way we are doing IT and thus the structure of today’s IT Organizations isn’t ready for today’s challenges and the new opportunities of Cloud Computing.

The KuppingerCole IT Model provides the guideline for organizations to move their IT Organization and IT Infrastructure to the next level and to make it future-proof. It helps in fulfilling the major business requirements:

  • Provide the services that business really needs – agile and in-time, cost-effective, and in the way business really needs them;
  • Enforce Information Security and protect the sensitive business information and intellectual properties of the organization;
  • Mitigate your IT risks, stay compliant, and enforce an enterprise-wide Governance approach.

It helps IT Organizations in re-gaining leadership and making their on-premise IT production state-of-the-art again. The KuppingerCole IT Model consists of three layers – plus the Governance infrastructure.


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Smart, Safe and Secure Cloud ComputingFebruary 17th, 2012Joerg Resch

Even though the term “smart” has been used a bit inflationary on this planet in recent times, the tectonic shift induced by cloud computing is significant, and it has multiplied your options over night. EIC 2012 will help you taking informed decisions on how to reach a new level of information security.

OASIS: Identity, Privacy, and Data Protection in the Cloud – What is Being Done? Is it Enough?
April 17, 2012, 09am – 1pm

Join a host of experts for this pre-conference roundtable, to hear the latest on what is being done to protect identity and ensure privacy within the cloud. This three-part interactive roundtable will open-up the dialogue on this topic, so come prepared to share information, insights and ideas. Part one of the roundtable will focus on the latest developments in the standards community, addressing important key identity, data protection and privacy issues in the Cloud. Part two will take a deeper dive into the obstacles, barriers, and successes identified in the many OASIS IDCloud case studies submissions. A representative from the OASIS IDCloud TC will lead the discussion, and provide a report on the outcome of committee’s evaluation process and future direction. The final part of the roundtable will be an overview of the draft Privacy Management Reference (PMRM) by members of OASIS PMRM technical committee and a case study workshop which will interactively develop one or more use cases following the PMRM methodology. With so much attention given the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation and EC consultations on cloud computing and the Internet of Things, this special hands-on roundtable will offer policymakers, business managers, practitioners and technologists a provocative and stimulating look at an extraordinary set of issues and practical work underway to help make them manageable.

Prof. Dr. Dawn Jutla John Sabo, CA Anil Saldhana, Red Hat Mike Small, KuppingerCole
Prof. Dr. Dawn Jutla
Saint Mary´s
University Halifax
John Sabo
Anil Saldhana
Red Hat
Mike Small

More information

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The Future of Identity ManagementFebruary 17th, 2012Joerg Resch

Identity and Access Management is rapidly changing: with new concepts like Access Intelligence (in its still somehow undefined form), integration to SIEM, re-thinking of established IT concepts like Message Queueing for the role they can play in Identity and Access Management and many other influencing factors, Identity and Access Management has to be re-thought where it is still established. The art of re-engineering your existing IAM infrastructure will therefore be one of the key topics in EIC´s Identity & Access Management track.

Next-Generation Identity Management
April 17th, 9am – 1pm

Managing identity has never been more challenging. Enterprises are under pressure to run efficient operations and provide visibility into every aspect of the organization – and to accomplish these objectives with smaller budgets and less staff. To keep pace with today’s new infrastructure challenges, organizations must shift the way they think about identity management. Heavyweight, monolithic identity management solutions are becoming relics of the past. The key to moving ahead is to rethink your approach – to become more business-centric and more modular in how you define your identity management requirements.

In this workshop, you will explore how governance-based identity management helps companies holistically manage their evolving IT environments in light of today’s business realities. You will gain knowledge of best practices for implementing this new approach to identity management without disrupting existing processes or deployed technologies. We will make recommendations on how to chart your path from manual/legacy approaches to a new generation of identity management solutions.

This workshop is designed for IT operations, security managers, and IdM project managers who want to design a successful path for their identity management program. During the workshop, identity management experts, Darran Rolls, CTO of SailPoint, and Mat Hamlin, Sr. Product Manager, will discuss:

  • Understanding the new identity management ecosystem: managing user provisioning, lifecycle management and compliance business processes while integrating seamlessly with existing identity infrastructure and adjacent technologies such as SIEM, ABAC, DLP and more;
  • Addressing security for the cloud environment: How to extend enterprise identity management to address governance and compliance for SaaS and cloud based applications that currently fall outside of IT’s control;
  • Crafting a sustainable identity management strategy: How to address immediate security, compliance and service-delivery requirements while incorporating a long term strategy for business improvement and operational efficiency.
Darran Rolls, Sailpoint Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole
Darran Rolls
Martin Kuppinger

More information

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Great Agenda. The European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012 will be the best one so far.February 17th, 2012Joerg Resch

We have taken a first conference agenda draft online. It is still provisional, as you can propose your contributions until February 28th.

Some of the Key Topics of the Conference will include:

  • Making Information Security a Strategic Priority
  • Planning, Managing & Governing IAM & Cloud
  • How to Efficiently Protect Critical Infrastructures
  • Cloud Governance
  • How to Audit Cloud Services
  • What to Focus on for Future-Proof Identity & Access Management
  • Evaluating and Reducing the Risks of Cyber Crime
  • Mobile Privacy and Security
  • Cloud Computing Contracts & Law
  • Data Protection and Privacy: How to Prepare for the New European Privacy Legislation
  • Personal Data Storage
  • Compliance Access Management, Governance, and Intelligence
  • Manage secure access of all to everything – employees, partners, and customers – for on-premise and the cloud

Visit the draft agenda

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KuppingerCole on Google+November 16th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

We now have a page on Google+. Follow us to get the latest KuppingerCole news there.


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Access to EIC 2011 presentationsMay 16th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

The presentations from the European Identity Conference 2011 are now available on our website to all registered participants of the conference.

If you were a participant and already have an account on our website, you just need to log in to access them. If you still don’t have an account, please create one and we will recognize you by your e-mail address.

If you have problems accessing the presentations, we probably don’t have your address yet, so just send a short message to support@kuppingercole.com and we will take care about it.

If you were a speaker at the conference, please make sure we have the latest version of your presentation – we are still missing a few. Thanks.

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Interview with Kim CameronMay 12th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

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European Identity Awards 2011May 11th, 2011Alexei Balaganski

European Identity Awards for outstanding identity management projects and initiatives were once again presented by the analyst group KuppingerCole at the evening event of the European Identity Conference 2011.

eic award

In the category Cloud Provider Offerings the winner is WSO2 for providing a multi-tenant Identity as a Cloud Service with OpenID and XACML support, build on an open-source platform, with several innovative features and migrating an on-premise solution to a full cloud service.

The award for the best On-Premise to Cloud Migration is gone to NHS Trust/King’s College London for their NHS Infrastructure providing a secure infrastructure for researchers in the cloud to store and share data while protecting against data loss.

As best Identity & Access Management project the award was given to BrokerGate, a Swiss solution working as a Secure Federation Broker for insurance brokers to manage federations instead of all the users, thus reducing the administrative workload and increasing security.

A special award for Integrated Identity & Access Management, a key topic of this year’s EIC, gone to Telefonica O2 Czech Republic for their successful deployment of a large scale IAM implementation covering provisioning, SSO, Audit, efficient application on-boarding, and more.

As best GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) project the BT Managed Fraud Service has been selected, a shared service providing real-time assessment of online transactions and analyzing fraud.

In the category Privacy the winners are Qiy and connect.me, delivering Innovative approaches to manage the personal identity in the Internet.

Two awards were granted in the category Identity-related eGovernment projects. One goes to Postecom for their CECPAC project, a certified, free mail platform open to all Italian Citizens for their communications with Public Administrations. The other goes to tunnistus.fi and the KATSO consortium for their Government to Citizen/Business services established in Finland, now used by more than 70% of the Finnish companies.

The award for the most influential standardization effort goes to OASIS and the XACML TC (Technical Committee) for the work on XACML 3.0, an important standard driving the externalization of security out of application for centralized management and control.

Finally, there is another special award for the best project around entitlement management and the externalization of security out of applications, given to the State of California for a service which manages authentication and authorization centrally for the Tax Service and a large number of applications, based on a central entitlement management system and XACML 3.0.

IMG 5703 IMG 5656 IMG 5645

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