Australasian Identity, Cloud & Security Summit 2015, taking place November 4th – 5th, 2015 at the RACV Club Summit Centre & Hotel in Melbourne Australia is the place where identity management, cloud and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the Future of secure, privacy-aware agile, business- and innovation driven IT.

AICS 2015 will provide an optimal combination of thought leadership, best practices, discussions and strategic guidance on the future of security in the world of digital business.

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Key topics

  Secure Information Sharing – Tools and techniques to effectively manage information flow that supports business requirements while keeping information secured
  Cloud Identity & Access Management – Migrate from a tactical  to a risk-based approach for managing access to cloud services
  Identity & Access Management – Build on your IAM foundation and leverage it for adaptive, policy-based access management, efficient recertification, and more
  Digital Transformation – Use digitally enabled business solutions to succeed in tomorrow’s business
  Cloud Security, Privacy & Compliance – Take a risk-based approach to protecting resources, monitoring activity and implementing controls for your cloud deployments
  Computing Troika: Cloud, Mobile, Social Computing – Manage the challenges of moving to the cloud, enabling mobile access, and interacting with customers and business partners

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

1. Transform your IT into a key Contributor for Enterprise Growth and Competitiveness

Discover how to successfully master the mobile, social, cloud troika with its explosion of identities and technologies.

  • Enable the new ABC: Agile Business – Connected! Support business partner collaboration, customer interaction, and secure cloud access
  • Finding the balance: Maturing your existing IAM and addressing new business challenges
  • Big Data & advanced analytics: Defining a solid, secure and privacy-aware path
  • Information Stewardship: Managing information as a key organizational asset
  • Next Generation IT Governance: Integrating and leveraging existing GRC initiatives to protect information assets in a connected, open enterprise

2. Security is a Journey: Prepare your Information Security Strategy for the “Smart” Future

Internet of Everything, Industry 4.0, Connected Enterprise – Find out how to get ready for a secure connected life future, when everything will be connected to the network.

  • Making the benefits and competitive advantage of seamlessly operating the Everything-Connected-Enterprise available to your business
  • Identity Management as a critical foundation for the Internet of Everything
  • Leveraging preventive and real-time Big Data Security for Privacy and Trust in a connected world
  • Holistic Information Security – for business, manufacturing, and all the smart things

3. Unlock the Value of Privacy

Understanding privacy as an opportunity and business enabler to take a leading role in a digital world, where the individual is able to deal at eye level with your enterprise.

  • Better understand the APAC view on privacy, and how it fits into the different concepts of individual empowerment
  • (Re-)Designing business models to not only comply with, but taking advantage of current and future privacy regulations
  • AICS is the only place to find an inter-regional and inter-continental view on privacy and to become part of a strong and innovation driving community

4. Sharing Best Practices, Learning from Global Thought Leaders

AICS will provide a great lineup of speakers, thought leaders and IT practitioners from around the planet, gathering to share their experience on Identity Management, Cloud, Privacy, Information Security, GRC and more.

  • Great Best Practice Sessions from most industries, like Financial Services Organizations, Telcos, Utilities, Pharma, Health and more
  • KuppingerCole´s Analysts and Fellows from other organizations will moderate great sessions and help you find your best and most productive way though the agenda
  • Step up your networking and learn from your peers in other organizations and countries, share your experience and get feedback.

5. Lead the Change

Get Access to KuppingerCole´s comprehensive, up-to-date, unbiased and independent information for best possible support of your decisions on your future IT model.

  • The  delegate pass provides you with up to 3 comprehensive packages on key topics which will be driving your strategic IT and Information Security planning. Each of these packages contains a selection of research notes, podcasts and analyst briefings.
  • Implement new ideas and approaches to solving your challenges – be an IT rockstar!
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